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“Might there be levels of truth of reality that are missed by the science-orientated, common-sense consciousness we use to navigate our way through traffic jams, supermarkets and e-mails?”

"Esoteric thinking is thinking outside the box if the box is materialism."

"In the world of the atheists nothing is meant to be, unless by human agency. In the spiritual world-view, everything is meant to be."

"Does unembodied intelligence draw near us when we read certain books?"

"Would the cosmos have any value if there were no humans to be conscious of it?"

“The danger of delusion was made worse, by the love of delusion. What's best for me and what is worst for me, the thing I most ought to do and the thing I most ought not to do, look very much alike. In my heart of hearts I may know which is which - but then a spirit of perversity makes me want to choose wrongly. Great psychic perturbation always surrounds great beauty."

"We all experience altered states from time to time. The key question is: Can we learn anything from these altered states that we wouldn't otherwise discover?"

"The greatest intelligence - intelligence of the heart."

"We live by a polite fiction that we all share the same form of consciousness."

"There is an ultimate Why? The greatest artists ask it."

"Different people have different forms of consciousness - get over it!"

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